My favorite healthy snacks

Snacking is an important part of my life!

Traveling fashionista


Hey! This time I won’t share any new traveling stories but I will talk about food and it’s a big part of those trips, right? If you would like to see something more related to traveling, you can check out my new video:

Most of us tend to eat really unhealthy while traveling. Yea, it sometimes happens to me too. Some people think that vegans always eat healthy but it’s not true. There are so much vegan junk food. All those vegan cookies, burgers, ice cream, fries, etc. When you’re traveling, you usually try a lot of new things. After eating junk food like this, you might not feel your best. That’s why I try to find some new healthy snacks after I come back. Today, I will share some of my new favorites.

We all love those kind of snacks which we can take with us. My new…

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