When you want Korean comfort food…

snap bonjuk ktownOriginally posted to The Source.

Whether you know it as juk or congee, rice porridge is one of those quintessential Asian comfort foods. It’s what my mom makes for me when I’m not feeling well, so I always associate porridge with being taken care of. It’s not something I eat on a regular basis, but every once in awhile I’ll get a craving and be too lazy to cook it myself, and that’s where BonJuk comes in.

BonJuk has a small, quiet store in Koreatown, located just across the street from the Purple Line Wilshire/Normandie Station. Their menu is simple, with traditional and healthy porridges that are light in flavor but also weirdly refreshing — probably because we all eat so many crazy flavorful foods that the porridge sort of resets your palate. Portions are pretty good. You could probably share one bowl with another person, although we all know I’m not about that life.


And if you don’t have time to sit in one of their comfortable chairs and dine in, they do take out orders.


Of course, this is Los Angeles and you can take any food and make a foodie version of it. (Not that I’m knocking Porridge + Puffs because their porridge is delicious and you should try it, too. 😋)

But there’s nothing wrong with the traditional version. And while there’s definitely no shortage of great places to eat in Koreatown, if you’re looking for a healthy and simple meal, give BonJuk a try. Then let me know if you liked it (or hated it).

BonJuk is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Plan your trip here


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