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Iceland: transit notes from the land of ice and fire

bus stop Laugavegurlaug
Just chilling at the bus stop. It looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere but it’s only five minutes from city center. Photos: Anna Chen/Metro
I recently ticked off one of my bucket list items and went on a vacation to Reykjavík, Iceland. (No, I was not able to take advantage of WOW Airlines’ recent promotional flights. Yes, I am really upset about that and want to go back to Iceland RIGHT NOW.)

Anyway, if you’ve ever looked up any information about traveling in Iceland, you’d know that driving is the preferred method of transportation. This is mostly because of the island’s super low population (about 323,000, just a little over the population of Riverside, CA), the weather and the rugged terrain. There is no public railway in Iceland, a fact that I — transit nerd that I am — found disappointing.

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The Blue Lagoon… Again!

I suppose, next time, I’ll definitely have to make the trip to the Blue Lagoon!


As my travels in Iceland drew to a close, there was really only one thing that I had to do.

Visit the Blue Lagoon again of course!

I had visited the Blue Lagoon previously, during my 2014 Iceland trip, and despite it being the biggest tourist attraction in Iceland – I just had to go back!

The Blue Lagoon is yet another Icelandic geothermal wonder. Located just a stones throw from the international airport Keflavik, the lagoon is easily experienced as either your first or last stop in Iceland, depending on your flight schedule.

The Blue Lagoon formed following the construction of a new geothermal power plant around 40 years ago. People soon began bathing in the geothermal waters and after applying the silica mud to their skin, those with severe skin conditions (psoriasis especially) began noticing big improvements. Several years later it opened as a public bath and…

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Infinite Effect: I have officially lost the war against K-pop

As a wayward youth, I was really into anime. Somehow, that led to me being into J-rock (Japanese rock) — I really, really liked visual kei bands — and that led to a productive few years of music writing and going to concerts in Taiwan and Japan.

Over the past few years, however, my interest in J-rock waned somewhat. I still nostalgically listen to the music I’ve collected, and I still occasionally check for updates on my favorite artists (social media makes this a lot easier), but it’s not as all consuming as it once was.

And somehow, in the midst of all this, K-pop (Korean pop) reared its shiny, beautiful, well-coordinated head. I had managed to keep K-pop at bay for so long. I didn’t want to fall into the rabbit hole — and I knew I would, since I have an obsessive personality. I didn’t want to expend all of my energy keeping track of band members (there are always so many of them) and their releases and all of their projects and activities, and most of all I didn’t want to get sucked into learning Korean.

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